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Heart disease is rampant in America, and New Braunfels is no different. When people feel pain or pressure in their chest or left arm, it is time to get help and get it fast. Riverside ER is close by and ready to help. Chest pain can be caused by a multitude of different medical issues, but here are some of the common ones:

Heart Disease

Sometimes showing symptoms and sometimes not, coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, cardiac arrest, congestive heart failure, arrhythmia, peripheral artery disease, stroke, and congenital heart disease. Any issue concerning heart health is a cause for serious concern.

Blood Clots

Symptoms of blood clots include swelling, pain, or tenderness that is not caused by injury, skin that is warm to the touch, and discoloration or redness of the skin. Blood clots can be very dangerous because they can come loose at any time and pass through the bloodstream and create blockages in different organs. Blood clots are often fatal, so if you suspect you may have a blood clot, you need to get to the nearest ER as fast as possible.

GI Issues

Gastrointestinal issues often mimic the symptoms of cardiovascular disease. Researchers have found that there may be a link between developing gastrointestinal diseases and cardiovascular disease. Gastrointestinal issues and cardiovascular disease can occur simultaneously, so don’t downplay your symptoms.

Respiratory Infection

Respiratory infections can cause heart attacks. Bronchitis, pneumonia, and influenza have all been linked to increasing the chance of having a heart attack. If you are suffering from an upper respiratory infection, there may be more at risk than you thought.


Stress and anxiety have been shown to increase the behaviors and factors at play when it comes to developing heart disease. Anxiety can also lead to increased blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Coping habits, such as smoking or drinking, increase the severity of these medical issues.


The outcome of a stroke is largely dependent upon how fast the victim receives care. Riverside ER’s proximity to patients south of I-35 makes it the best choice for expert care.

Strokes occur when blood flow to the brain has been interrupted. There are two common reasons that this happens. When someone is suffering from an ischemic stroke, the artery that supplies blood to the brain becomes completely obstructed. This causes brain cell death due to lack of oxygen. A hemorrhagic stroke occurs when an artery in the brain has burst. This causes internal bleeding in the brain.

Headaches can be symptoms of both kinds of stroke. Sixty-five percent of people who have had strokes claim that they had some form of headache. The headache can be described as a sudden pain that seems to come out of nowhere. It is also described as “one of the worst pains of your life.” If you experience a headache similar to what has been described, come visit us at Riverside ER immediately.

Also known as aphasia, having trouble speaking or understanding can be a symptom of stroke. This is caused by a lack of blood flow to the portion of the brain responsible for controlling language.

Abnormal muscle tone can be caused by a stroke due to damage to the nervous system. If you are experiencing limbs on one side of the body that have become limp, floppy, don’t do what your brain is telling them to do, or moves on their own, then you have good cause to suspect you may have had a stroke.

Heart Attack

Shortness of breath when lying down or persistent cough or wheezing with white or pink blood-tinged phlegm may be signs that you are having a heart attack.

Cardiac Monitoring

Cardiac monitoring is the continuous monitoring of the heart. Cardiac monitoring may be used if there is a suspicion of possible cardiovascular issues.