Take the Guesswork out of Emergency Care

Take the Guesswork out of Emergency Care

Take the Guesswork Out of Emergency Care in New Braunfels

We know it can be stressful to try and figure out what level of emergency care you need. That's why we partnered with The Crossing Urgent Care. Together, we can provide you with the level of emergency or after hours care you need with no transfer problems.

Especially if you're visiting New Braunfels, your primary care physician is closed, or you don't have a primary care doctor, we're here to help you no matter what your medical emergency is.

Urgent Care facilities like the Crossing Urgent Care in New Braunfels are good for smaller medical problems such as ongoing or persistent colds, viral or bacterial infections, and minor injuries. Riverside Emergency Room is right next door and has full board certified doctors on staff 24/7 for things such as broken bones, asthma attacks, alcohol poisoning, burns, and other serious and life threatening emergencies.

You no longer have to guess which facility is best for your needs during a stressful time - come to our facility and we will triage you based on your individual situation.