How Wheat Is Poisoning Your Body

How Wheat Is Poisoning Your Body

Wheat is a grain that is widely available in our modern world and used to make all kinds of breads as well as flour and pasta. Gluten is also present in these foods as well as other grains, making it important for those on a gluten free diet to be cautious of what they ingest. Avoiding gluten also means avoiding wheat, but other foods can still contain gluten.

Riverside ER deals with patients that have adverse reactions to gluten so that life is not significantly impacted aside from a slightly restricted diet. Our emergency room in New Braunfels, TX is equipped to handle any emergency, including those involving gluten.

The wheat consumed today is different from original strains of wheat that were eaten a long time ago. Wheat is how genetically modified and contains artificially altered material that allows it to have the desired characteristics and qualities needed. There are other factors that make wheat more dangerous, but what are they?


You may not have heard of lectins, but they are highly important. What are they? Lectins are a protein present in most plants and animals as well. They work by binding themselves to sugar molecules and the lectins in wheat can bore holes in the small intestine, where most digestion and absorption occurs in the body. This can set off a response in the immune system and result in medical conditions like Celiac Disease.


Phytates are compounds that are essentially anti nutrients found in many whole grains, including what. They bind to the nutrients present in the body and block them from being absorbed. Nutrients like zinc, calcium, magnesium, and iron can be kept from being absorbed into the body properly, reducing the amount of vital minerals you receive.

If you have felt ill effects after eating whole grains and other what products, you may have a sensitivity to gluten or wheat. If symptoms become severe, visit an urgent care near me for treatment from professionals that can diagnose your allergy and offer solutions and treatment to ease your discomfort and reduce future symptoms and allergic reactions.