Diagnosing Abdominal Disease: Two Exams, One Goal

Diagnosing Abdominal Disease: Two Exams, One Goal

Are you wondering what’s causing the uncomfortable feeling in your abdomen? Have you searched for an “urgent care near me” in the event the discomfort becomes worse and you need to find an emergency room near you? If you answered “yes” to these questions, we’ve got some information about the two types of tests that are most commonly performed at an ER in New Braunfels, TX to diagnose abdominal disease.

What You Need to Know About a Routine CAT-Scan (CT)

A routine CT exam of your abdomen and pelvis can help medical professionals diagnose problems in various parts of your body like your bladder, uterus, or prostate. The test can also reveal concerns such as liver or bowel abscesses, an inflamed colon, and cancers of the colon, liver, pancreas, and kidneys. Diseases that can be diagnosed include pancreatitis, diverticulitis, appendicitis, lymphoma, and staging identification for cancer.

What You Need to Know About Enterography and MRI

When routine enterography in CT is performed, it will allow the attending medical professionals to evaluate the organs of your abdomen and pelvis as well as evaluate diseases of the small bowel. This test is especially beneficial for patients with suspected or known Crohn’s disease.

Why the Latest in Technology is Critically Important in These Tests

When it comes to diagnosing any medical condition, it’s critically important that perfect imaging be employed – not only in the equipment being used, but also by the medical professionals administering the testing. For instance, a CT scan uses a series of x-ray images, which are taken at multiple different angles, so the alignment of the equipment by the attending medical professional is important in achieving an accurate scan. These images are then processed by a computer to produce cross-sectional images that will then be read by another attending medical professional for interpretation, diagnosis, and a proposed treatment plan. So, as you can see, technology works in tandem with personalized care when it comes to optimum medical testing and treatment protocol.

What This Means for You

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