Anxiety is Bad for Your Heart

Anxiety is Bad for Your Heart

Recently, it has been proven that there is a medical link between anxiety and heart health. A person’s anxiety level is an important factor in the diagnosis and management of heart disease.

The doctors and the team of medical professionals at Riverside ER, a 24-hour urgent care facility located in the 78130 area code of New Braunfels, Texas, want to educate the public on the negative effects that anxiety and stress have on physical health.

Medical Studies

The Journal of the American College of Cardiology published two studies proving that anxiety will doubles one’s chance of a heart attack. There are other studies supporting that women, more than men, are prone to suffer a heart attack and other medical conditions linked to anxiety.

Fear will Make Things Worse

In addition to a cardiologist’s focus on the therapeutic efforts influencing coronary disease, like the lowering of blood pressure, lipid levels and weight, these doctors have become attentive to their patient’s moods. There may be a referral by the cardiologist to see other medical and lifestyle professionals to treat anxiety disorders to reduce the risk of heart disease or further damage from the heart condition.

Individuals known to be highly anxious face a greater risk of a heart attack, or death, than those with a more tranquil view. Individuals who find an internal calm when dealing with a medical or life issue will increase their chances for full recovery and sustained wellbeing.

There is also supported evidence that, when a doctor spends time with their patients to build a relationship on care and trust, the patient’s nervousness levels are greatly diminished. The relationship between the doctor and the patient is the best remedy for relieving the anxiety levels of the patient.

People who are naturally anxious need to be made aware of the increase in the risk of heart disease and other health conditions. There are ways other than medication to control stress levels, like breathing and relaxation techniques for a healthy physical and mental wellbeing.

The medical professionals at Riverside ER, located near you in New Braunfels, Texas, know and promote the benefits of a stress-free outlook to sustain an enriched and wholesome lifestyle.